5 Strategies to Win the Lottery: How to Pick Lottery Numbers that Win

Lotto players aren’t able to choose lottery numbers that win. They believe it is luck, picking random numbers, holidays, anniversaries, or quick picks. These methods have such high odds that you will never win the jackpot.

You can increase your chances of winning lotto by learning how to avoid picking numbers and combinations that don’t come up. People have spent millions on quick pick tickets to win free tickets that will never come up.

It takes fewer tickets to learn the five strategies to win the lottery than random number picks.

1 Eliminate bad numbers- Although it’s impossible for all bad numbers to be eliminated, if you do your research and look at the patterns in the past twelve to fifteen drawings, you can cut down on 80% of those bad numbers that don’t appear. You can search for your game  live draw sgp and find the winning combinations. Draw a chart on a sheet of paper or in a spreadsheet and mark each number that has been drawn in the past few weeks with an X. You’ll be able to see the unique patterns of the hot numbers when you’re done. These are the ones that come up most often

2 Balance the combinations- There are many combinations people use, including 12-13-14-15-19-21 and all high numbers like 33-35 38-39-40-41. Your chances of winning will increase if you stop using such combinations. Your chances of hitting are slim if you use all odd numbers or all even numbers. Triples are a disadvantage as they rarely hit. However, a combination of doubles and triples can be very beneficial since they often come up.

3 Hot numbers versus Cold numbers- A hot number is on an winning streak. If you look at the winning combinations of the past draws, you will notice that certain numbers have been in the majority of the drawings. These are the best numbers to play. The cold numbers that haven’t yet come up are likely to be there. You don’t know what ones are due, so you should not play them unless it is clear that some of the cold numbers hit quite frequently fifteen years ago.

4 Using a system which wins- You can get multiple winning tickets using a system that balances out your combinations. You must select a set of numbers, such as 12 in a group. These are the only twelve numbers that you will play on your tickets. You also need to be able to wheel the numbers to ensure multiple winning tickets.

5 Playing the same set numbers – You must use the same twelve numbers for every drawing. They will eventually come up. You must use the same tickets to mark your tickets until you win the jackpot. Some people have altered their numbers and the original numbers were not correct. Set a budget, stick to it, and play regularly. You should play once per week if you have a plan. Some players have missed a week, and their numbers still came up. One player missed all the numbers necessary to win the jackpot, but he was able to make it up.