Phreaked Out by Hackers and Phone Phreakers?

There are lots of smartphone structures which might be open to being hacked and costing companies and agencies heaps of Dollars in Long Distance bills?

Are you one of these corporations looking forward to your gadget to be hacked by a cellphone phreaker?

Here are a few questions you have to recall and 8 matters you may do now to do away with hacking from your telephone device permanently.

Do you’ve got a sound strategy to defend your company against cellphone hacking (or phreaking), which doesn’t effect your capability to conduct enterprise?

Are you a hacking target

Do you operate Findme/observe me?
Do you convert your voicemail passwords regularly?
Will your phone gadget block users from having access CEH Test to mailboxes after 2 or three failed tries?
Can you make calls out out of your voicemail?
Can you get remote dialtone by getting access to your telephone gadget remotely?
Do you have reviews showing you who changed their passwords when?
Can you force the converting of passwords?
Do you have got Detailed Call Logging and Reporting?
Does your device have a weird call alert? 7×24 monitoring of the system?
Do you limit global calling to your gadget?
Here are 8 concrete matters you may do today to guard your self from highly-priced payments and make contact with phreakers.

Send a letter,fax or email on your telephone assist seller asking them in case your device is hackproof? Ask for a written response in your request?
If you do no longer ever make International Phone calls (ie. Europe and the relaxation of the arena) Have your Telephone agency block global calling. Have your phone gadget vendor block global calling.
Make certain that your gadget is about to lockout failed password attempts after three incorrect tries. The lock must be either 8 hours or till reset.
Create a voicemail password policy.
Each person should trade their password each 60 days (30,60,ninety)
Use complicated passwords
No repeating digits – 222222
No ascending digits – 12345678
No descending digits – 87654321
Use 6-8 digit passwords
Use Words converted to numbers.
E.G. – Elephant – 35374268
take four digit password and repeat: 25142541
Create a Policy to location obligation in your extension users to inspire them to trade their policy and be given the policy and ensure that passwords are modified and that they take the criticality of preserving the security of their voicemail password.
Remote get right of entry to
Lock the remote Direct Inward System Access with
Caller ID verification
Username and password combination
Call Detail Logging and Call Accounting
All calls made and obtained have their details logged in to a Call Detail Recording Database for reporting and evaluation.
Analyze your name facts day by day if viable. Look for suspicious calling patterns. Generally phreakers will check your gadget for weeks earlier than the actual event causing massive telephone bills occur.
Look for calls obtained between 10pm and 8am whilst you do now not anticipate calls to be made.
Look for get entry to to mailboxes sequentially. This shows someone checking out passwords.
Review the Failed Access Logs
Review your gadget for failed login tries.
These are just a few of the measures you may take to shield yourself from getting a large surprise when your phone bill arrives. There are other means of safety you may employ however it may not be the location here to expose more secrets and techniques to these phone phreakers.