The key benefits of a Confidential HIV Take a look at

There are many explanation why a confidential HIV check can be a thing to consider.


We could too get on to The purpose! Whether it’s relaxed, recreational or Portion of a honest and deep romance, sexual intercourse for you personally is ideally enjoyable and an expression of the drive, passion and inner thoughts for another man or woman. Unfortunately, HIV (along with other sexually transmitted illnesses or ‘STDs’) just can’t be thought about in the exact same positive phrases. They may be transmitted during various sorts of sexual activity and It is really recommended to get the topic very seriously.

Since the eighties and Culture’s to start with awareness of the problem, HIV has often been mentioned with regards to sexual intercourse. It is really hiv test Singapore   worth retaining in mind although, that it can also be handed via other mechanisms such as the sharing of non-sterile hypodermics in drug use or through the transfusion of infected blood.

Intercourse and HIV – some facts

HIV could possibly be passed from 1 lover to a different during any ‘unprotected’ sexual action that consists of penetration and the exchange of bodily fluids. That relates to either gay or straight intercourse, and people of either gender can infect each other.

HIV may well stay reasonably dormant in your body for a few years Along with the contaminated human being obtaining no indications or perhaps any recognition that they’re contaminated – Until they have experienced a private HIV check certainly. Even should they’re entirely asymptomatic, an contaminated individual could possibly unwittingly infect their sexual associate.HIV might progress into AIDS after a while, however anti-viral treatment plans may verify helpful in stabilizing the position sometimes.


You can find really only two approaches you can make certain that you won’t agreement HIV via sexual intercourse:
• Guide a completely celibate lifestyle
• Have only intercourse with somebody you already know is not really carrying the HIV an infection

Most authorities agree that employing a condom may considerably reduce the likelihood of infection but that it is not a hundred% foolproof or assured. It is also well worth staying away from the confusion which will often occur over the usage of the time period ‘secured intercourse’ from the context of contraception and HIV defense. Quite a few contraceptive methods of ‘secured intercourse’ supply little if any safety whatsoever from HIV.

The private HIV examination

However, challenges in life have a tendency not to just go away simply because you overlook them. The fact is that Should you have previously engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse or other significant-threat activities (e.g. sharing syringes), then You will find there’s possibility, while hopefully a relatively smaller 1, you have HIV. It might therefore be a good idea to get your self checked out by way of a confidential HIV test.


• For those who have HIV it is vital to seek Experienced medical information and procedure.
• If you are doing have HIV then this is one area you need to know about when it comes to your foreseeable future sexual activity.

It truly is sometimes not easy admitting to oneself that a take a look at could be highly recommended. This is why there are facilities that specialise in offering a fast and solely confidential HIV test that could ensure the truth in the position for you.

Morality isn’t a concern

It is actually your right to steer the sexual existence of your respective picking out. Using a confidential HIV take a look at suggests practically nothing about your own morals and nobody is going to decide you. The truth is that HIV could be caught from even a single unprotected sexual face. It could also crop up in a very steady and protected marriage if your partner has had unprotected sexual intercourse with A further individual Beforehand or if you probably did.