Venus conjunct Mars – another relationship cycle 

Venus conjunct Mars on the way denotes the beginning of another relationship cycle. 

The Venus-Mars combination happens once at regular intervals and imprints a fresh start seeing someone and partnerships. Like a New Moon, new planetary cycles offer a crisp start. 

Venus and Mars are enormous darlings, and in astrology zodiac sign  soothsaying, they depict fascination, love, and connections. 

Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra – Aries is the main indication of the zodiac, governing the Ascendant and the first house. Mars is “I.” Venus is the seventh indication of the zodia, rules the seventh house, or the relative, representing “The Other.” 


Ineed, even individuals who are inexperienced with soothsaying realize that Venus represents the ladylike, and Mars, for the manly. The celestial images for Venus and Mars are indistinguishable from those utilized in science to identify genders. 

The most famous books ever are “Men are from Mars, ladies are from Venus.” The book shows the extremity of the two energies – Mars, the self-assured, manly energy, and Venus, the female, open energy. 

Venus, Mars,, And Attraction 

If you take a gander at the sky, it’s a good idea that Venus and Mars are tied in with relating. Venus is the following planet internal from Earth, and Mars is the next planet outward. In crystal gazing, we accept the Earth as the middle, and Venus and Mars are two planets on the right and zodiac.

While Mars identifies with the world by leading the pack, acting, doing, Venus identifies with the world by sending hidden messages, picking what she prefers, and dismissing what she doesn’t. Mars rules war, Venus leads the law of fascination. 

It isn’t so much that that Venus doesn’t start to lead the pack. Indeed, Venus is the one that picks and welcomes Mars to draw nearer. In romance, Venus conveys the romance messages, visually connects, and grins to Mars. Also, really at that time, Mar s is “permitted” to move toward Venus. 

When Mars comes to Venus without being welcomed, he may get some achievement, yet all exploration and studies show that this “achievement” is fleeting. Both parties deserve equal credit here. 

To have a duan enduring nation, Venus and Mars need to communicate their job in acharacteristicallynus conveys the message, Mars draws near, Venus picks, and the romance goes on. 

The Polarity Of Venus And Mars 

Venus and Mars are points of extremity, independent of one’s sex or sexual direction. In gay couples, usually one of the partners plays the Venus job, and the other the Mars job. 


It is essential to t extremity exists seeing someone, that life can’t be made without it. We will not be here without Mars and Venus. Is it the energy among Venus and Mars, the “secret blend” between the two, that permits creation to happen? 


Without a “substance response” amonbetweenus and Mars, we can’t make anything. 

Our general surroundings are made out of polarities; we have yin and yang, 0 and 1, the North Pole, and the South Pole. 

The contrary posts of two magnets draw in one another. However, their comparative shafts repulse one another. 

That is the reason we need both Venus and Mars to make an “aantractive field.” 

Furthermore, as no magnet has just one shaft, we have a Ves and a Mars inside us. 

Most inventive individuals on the planet will inzodiacral have Venus conjunct Mars in their natal graph. 


Van Gogh, Mahatma Gandhi, Bette Davis, Al Pacino, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Bruce Lee, Joaquin Phoenix, Bruno Mars – all have Venus conjunct Mars. 

Venus And Mars – The Divine Feminine And The Divine Masculine 

Venus is the Divine Feminine, and Mars is the Divine Masculine, so when these two planets meet, they express extraordinary energy that we would all be able to profit with. 

At he point when we ace the Divine Feminine, when we ace the Divine Masculine, when we permit them to mix into each other, this is the point at which we become “one” with the heavenly cognizance. 

Venus conjunct Venus will request that we balance our masculine and ladylike energy. When the manly and the female points are in balance, we experience a condition of ease, stream, and extraordinary imperativeness. 

If you feel drained or unmotivated, it could well be because there is an awkwardness in the statement of the Mars energy, the Venus energy, or both. 

You can adjust your Mars energy by championing yourself, by starting to lead the pack, and by deciding to do what YOU need. 

You can adjust your Venus energy by dealing with yourself, accomplishing something pleasant, and creating empathy and appreciation. 

Venus and Mars In Your Natal Chart 

Take a gander at where Venus and Mars are in your diagram. Is Venus in a female sign or a manly sign? Shouldn’t something is said about Mars? 

Venus and Mars are additionally critical in synastry when you need to evaluate the capability of a close connection. 

Numerous pointers portray compatibility, like Sun and Moon. 

In any case, if you need to comprehend the potential for closeness, enthusiasm, and sexual science in a relationship, take a gander at your Mars and Venus position and your partner’s Mars and Venus arrangements. 

If you are a lady or play the female job in a relationship, and your Venus or your Mars are ladylike signs (Yin), a decent counterpart for you is a partner who has Venus and Mars in male characters (Yang), what’s more, the reverse way around. 

Opposites are inclined toward one another. That is precisely how the world functions. 

Is it the strain of extremity that prompts fascination? 

I w have no fascination, we have no relationship. 

If you need to have a heartfelt connection, search for your contrary person ‘shaft’.