Vivo Y72 – One of the Most Spectacular Smartphones

With the launch of the Vivo Y72, Vivo has once again launched its Q SDK device driver development program, which provides a software development environment for third party device drivers. The company had previously introduced two smartphones – the Yota devices and the T Mobile ones, with Q SDK. However, with the launch of the Yota devices and T Mobile phones, Vivo decided to introduce the second generation of its QSD devices. This new generation is the Yota Devices and T Mobile Go devices.

Vivo y 72 – a smart phone for travelers. The phone is equipped with a 5.2-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, a high-definition camera, a built-in DPI and a slim design. On the other hand, the Vivo Y72 also offers a memory card, a USB drive, a micro SD card and a free service. The Yota has a unique dual camera system that allows the user to take pictures of one object and automatically shoot an image of vivo y72 another. The device also offers a virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition facility.

The innovative technology implemented in the body of this smartphone is the main reason why it is considered as a trendy device. The body is made of shock-proof, water-resistant silicone material and is incorporated with Vivo’s Gorilla glass technology to provide the ultimate touch-feel. The smartphone’s design comes in sleek curves with rounded corners. Apart from the glossy body and curves, the handset comes with many different features such as an intuitive interface, a beautiful-to-watch 3.5mm jack, vibration alert, built-in GPS, instant O signal, instant speaker phone, FM radio and internet browsers. The vivid coloration of the touchscreen gives the impression of being a real smart phone.

The vivid colors, vivid images and smooth operation make the Vivo Y 72 an alluring smartphone in the highly competitive price range. The handset is available at the end of October for a price of Rs1599. The large and charming screen makes it a great choice for people who prefer to carry a big phone with small dimensions. The price and the looks cannot be compared to any other low priced smartphones.

The main camera of the smartphone has a high pixel resolution and features auto image stabilization, which helps in taking clear photos of clear scenes. This is the first smart phone from the company, which offers a huge amount of storage capacity. The built-in memo service enables users to send large volumes of text and images via email or IM. A powerful media player and a wallpaper browser are the other features offered by the handset in the price range. The Vivo Y 72 also supports a large number of connectivity options like Bluetooth, MMS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE and HSDPA.

The other device which comes as an additional with the Y 72 is the Vivo YD palladium, which is a high performance phone that has been equipped with the high definition display and four mega pixel camera. It has been given a gold cover and a metallic body that gives it a sleek look. The handset is available with a Notebook bag that has a front pocket, a USB charging cable and a micro SD slot. The price of the phone is around three hundred Indian rupees and it can be bought directly from the official website of the company or through the various retailers. The Mediatek dim density 700 is used in the manufacturing process of the phones and hence it is one of the most durable phones.